South Cheshire and North Staffs Campaign for
Nuclear Disarmament

SCANS CND has been active since the 1960s. It currently has around 140 members and has been involved in numerous projects including Greenham Common and Menwith Hill. Activities are coordinated at the Hanley Peace Centre.

The Peace Centre

The Peace Centre, which has been here since 1985, can provide information and leaflets on many issues. We have contacts locally and nationally and have visited German peace groups in Erlangen, our twin city. Local trade unions and pressure groups are among our affiliates, while we are affiliated to organisations such as Campaign Against the Arms Trade and the World Development Movement.

Past Activities

Past activities have included hosting peace or anti-racist walks, and the World Court Project – whose work led to the Court’s Advisory Opinion on the illegality of nuclear weapons – on their way to the Bradford Peace Museum with the citizens’ pledges from many countries, which had led to the verdict. We received Arts Council/Lottery funding to arrange a local showing of Banner Theatre’s play about asylum seekers, for the European Year Against Racism. We have joined with other groups to publicise the landmines issue and to collect for related charities.

  • Members have demonstrated against trident nuclear submarines, and have been to the Scottish base and the long established Peace Camp. Peace camps, whether permanent or weekends, mixed or women only, are an important part of the movement – as are Trident Ploughshares activists who aim to disarm the submarines, which we consider illegal under international law. One is a local member.
  • We are in contact with those who track nuclear waste convoys and trains, which pass through, or close to, this area. We leafleted Crewe and Stafford Stations as part of the successful National bay of Action Against Nuclear Trains. Petition 

  • We get regular press coverage locally, and take our stall to carnivals and other events. Most of our members are too busy to be active, but some can offer occasional help and donations, or will write letters as suggested in our quarterly newsletter. We attend national conferences and CND Council meetings, and our national chairperson has twice spoken at our AGMs. Over the Years, we have been involved in many local, national and international campaigns. 

  • We used to collect for Chernobyl Children’s project which now has two local hosting groups (one of which we were able to advise on contacts and information before it started). The disaster’s 10th anniversary was marked by a visit from CCP’s coordinator, a library exhibition and a vigil. Commemorations for Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s 50th anniversary at Keele. 

  • As a national organisation and as part of the international peace movement, CND is now consulted by the press, and, as a recognised NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), is asked to make submissions to government committees, and to attend meetings at the UN and elsewhere, where it has been able to help other nations with information and support for dialogue with the nuclear powers.

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  1. Hi, South Cheshire & North Staffordshire CND!

    Great Site …
    Great campaign …
    Keep up the good work guys !

    Peace, πŸ™‚

    Danny Killeen

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