26 – 30 July, Crabapple Community, near Shrewsbury
Bring your contribution to a hothouse of creativity, a small self-governed society run by democratic camp meetings, a viable    example of the kind of world we are trying to bring about.  The Peace  News Summer Camp helps build a radical movement for the future by  building a living community today.       

MAKING NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION is this year’s theme, with a whole-day workshop co-facilitated by renowned US activist George Lakey (see  Other workshops include: Eyewitness Afghanistan; Diversity of tactics;  Chomsky’s politics; Occupy and the limits of consensusSmash EDO; Inside prison; Cake-making … and    much more. PLUS: practical skills sessions, delicious vegan food cooked by Veggies of Nottingham, music, film, fun and participatory entertainment, a bar, campfires, and activities and facilities for kids and families.
We will be camping in a family-friendly and renewably-powered way from 26 to 30 July 2012 in the beautiful grounds of Crabapple Community, near Shrewsbury in Shropshire.  Join us!
Book on-line now:

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